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BAYER SCHERING (Bayer Schering Pharma)

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Aburaihan Iran ADAMJEE (Adamjee Pharmaceuticals PVT.LTD.) AGP (Ali Gohar Pharmaceuticals PVT.LTD.) Ajanta Pharma Apotheek Holand ARIES (Aries Pharmaceuticals) Astra Zeneca ATCO (Atco Laboratories PVT.LTD.) Bangkok Lab and Cosmetic Co.LTD. BAYER SCHERING (Bayer Schering Pharma) Body Research, Thailand British Dispensary, Thailand Combitic Global Desma ELI LILLY (Eli LillY Pakistan PVT.LTD.) GADOR (Seignior Pharma) Generic GEOFMAN (Geofman Pharmaceuticals) GETZ PHARMA (Getz Pharma Pakistan PVT.LTD.) GLAXO SMITHKLINE (Glaxo SmithKline) GLOBAL PHARMA (Global Pharmaceuticals) HAJI MEDICINE Co. (Haji Medicine / Rotexmedica.) HIGHNOON (Highnoon Laboratories LTD.) HILTON (Hilton Pharma PVT.LTD.) INDUS PHARMA (Indus Pharma PVT.LTD.) Instituto Massone/Excel Health Care Iran Hormone LA Pharma LG LIFE SCIENCES (Hoffmann Human Health) LILLY (Eli Lilly) Lose Pack different Pharma LUNDBECK (Lundbeck Pakistan PVT.LTD.) MACTER (Macter International PVT.LTD.) MBL Pharma MEDICRAFT (Medicraft Pharmaceutical PVT.LTD.) MEDIMPEX (Medimpex Budapest, Hungary. Medimpex Scientific Office) Merck Mexico (Hecho EN Mexico Para) MSD (Merck Sharp & Dohme of Pakistan LTD., OBS Pakistan PVT.LTD.) Munster Laboratories Switzerland NOVARTIS (Novartis Pharma Pak.LTD.) OBS/Organon ORGANON (Organon Pakistan PVT.LTD.) PACIFIC PHARMA (Pacific Pharmaceuticals LTD.) PARKE-DAVIS (Parke-Davis & Co.LTD.) PDH (P.D.H. Pharmaceuticals PVT.LTD.) PFIZER (Pfizer Laboratories Limited) PHARMATEC (Pharmatec Pakistan PVT.LTD.) PLIVA (The PLIVA Pharmaceutical & Chemical Works) RASCO PHARMA ROCHE (Roche Pakistan Limited) SAFE PHARMA (Safe Pharmaceuticals) SAMI (Sami Pharmaceuticals PVT.LTD.) SANOFI AVENTIS (Sanofi Aventis) Schering SEARLE (Searle Pakistan LTD.) SQuibb Pharmaceuticals TAGMA (Tagma Pharma PVT.LTD.) Thaiger Pharma Thailand UNEXO (Unexo Labs PVT.LTD.) Uni-Tiech Pharmaceuticals Valeant WYETH (Wyeth Pakistan LTD.) ZAFA (Zafa Pharmaceutical Laboratories PVT.LTD.) Zydus Cadila